Sunday, November 2, 2008

Casino results and my failure to you :(

So I had my 50$ ready and the rest I hid in the apartment to eliminate the risk of it being stolen. Would be ironic if I lost my money at the casino and had it stolen from me at home. Well I'm ready and waiting to go when I hear a knock at my door. I answer it and sure enough its 10 guys with shot guns after my entire fortune! Heh anyways I open the door and its my ride. She asks to come in real fast to use the bathroom and finish getting ready, so I stepped aside and let her in. Now back to waiting, I turn on the TV and blog a little more while I wait. I already know "bathroom and finish getting ready" means I have time for a full length movie.. Close anyways cause she will definitely finish the moment I get into what I'm watching. When she finally finishes and we are ready to head out she ask to barrow 40$...... Crap! lol how could she do this to me? I give her the money and I make sure my end is still 50$.. Who cares if she loses the 40$ and if I lose the 50$? She will pay me back for it.

So we are at the casino playing penny slots. I'm more of a card guy myself, but with limited funds penny slots are great for me.. In about a 2 hour period I manage to stay even, I'd lose 20 then go up 40 , back down 15, then up and so on. She hit for 150$ and hands me my 40$ back giving me 90$... Well 4-5 hours later I had still managed to hold my ground, was even up 30$ when I thought we were leaving. Turned out we weren't leaving..... What we were really doing is finding out the girl that gave me a ride ran into her boyfriend and he was "whoops!" with another woman. So my ride has to go after them and I had no intention of being part of the boyfriend pursuit so I asked others with us for a ride home. They agreed and we all went back to gambling for a few hours.. About 3 and a half hours later my money starts to nose dive.. At 60$ I pulled the plug and decided to cut my losses. Well the ride I was so thankful for wasn't ready to go just yet, in fact they weren't ready to go for another 5 hours... So I'd get bored and started gambling again.. Machine would make me look like comeback then eat all my cash. Finally I went broke and my new ride has no intention of leaving still. So they start giving me money to gamble which worked and kept my mind off wanting to leave. Well I wasn't able to come up on the money they gave me and I wasn't having fun anyways. Still not ready to leave I found myself as stuck and as broke as ever. So I came up with the master plan..... Every time I was handed money to gamble I walked off, sat at a slot for a few minutes and kept the cash in my pocket instead of dumping it into the machine.

I was able to get 30$ back before we finally left so I couldn't pay back the entire 40$ making me a traitor of the poll, and a liar to you. Even if I paid it back, a higher sum 90$ went to that casino then originally agreed upon. For this I feel much shame... I take some pride in knowing my costume was completed.

As for pocketing the money given to me instead of gambling with it..... I'm quite pleased with myself and so were they when I showed them I still had it.. I even offered it back but they did'nt except it. Why should they? I played the hardest game in the casino with that 30$..... I did'nt gamble any of it, while sitting in the lions den. At least that's commendable. Its only true cause I was burnt out and tired of punching slot machines lol.

Not sure how I should be punished but trust me it will be Severe!

Midnight Eternal


Inge' said...

I had to laugh at your situation. Sorry but it was funny. I commend you for pocketing the money. Too bad you didn't think of it sooner you probably could have left a winner.

Lesson learned and pb&j for you this week.

Small Footprints said...

My jaw dropped when you said you opened the door to 10 guys with shot guns. Ha! You have the funniest experiences. Your life would make a great sit-com. :) Hope you had fun, anyway ... seems you did ... maybe only in retrospect.

Entertaining as always! Thanks for the grins and giggles!

Small Footprints

Small Footprints said...

You've been tagged. Check out this link to find out what that means:

Have fun ... and don't forget to let me know when you've completed your 8!

Small Footprints

Small Footprints said...

Hey Seattle Craig ... haven't heard from you in ages ... hope things in your world are OK. Hope to see more posts from you soon!

Small Footprints