Friday, October 31, 2008

Unemployment check + Casino =

Well the day has finally come... My unemployment has finally ran out and I have one month to find work. My father came to see me and we decided to head to the casino. Casino is great as far as cashing checks go.. Its free! Ha... If you can make it out the door without gambling that is. I normally play Texas Holdem but with limited funds I decided to play the slots with my dad. Two beers and 100$ later we decided it was time to leave and cut our losses. I have 150$ left plus rent paid for November and December. Now I have to decide....

Do I ration my money so I can have my little luxuries and emergency cash until I can get work?

Do I go back to the casino with my friends this time and risk every dollar on one of the many exciting games of chance?

Do I take 50$ leaving 100$ at home so it wont be a total loss if I lose it all?

Ill put up a poll and will see what you all think. Not many people come through here yet :( hehe so I will only obey the vote if 5 or more people vote before its time to leave tonight. I have been neglecting my poor blog lately so whoever is reading this.....You are likely the only vote I will get.

If that's the case... If there is only one vote Ill go by that decision in appreciation for the time you have given me in taking the time to read this. You have my thanks and my life in your hands! :)

It is Halloween and the casino will be a lot of fun tonight. I'm planning on dressing up as a degenerate gambler. If I win I can be the degenerate gambler who finally won! If I lose my costume is even better cause then it will be more believable cause its true. If you look at it like that... I CANT LOSE!

If you force me to stay home I will buy 150$ worth of the worst candy I can find and pass it out to all the children tonight. Yes I said it, I will become the Grinch of Halloween and spoil it for all! Sooner or later the many children will reach into their bags and grab the horrible candy I have thrust upon them and will suffer a most horrible taste! You will live the rest of your life knowing you took part in this most heinous act. Shame on you!

It doesn't have to be like this... You can still make the right choice and redeem yourself. You still have a chance to live a normal guilt free life. I leave the fate of Halloween in your hands. If you make the correct choice then my final words will be true.

Happy Halloween all!

Midnight Eternal


Inge' said...

As a craps dealer in a casino I only only say this: I have seen people take $20 and turn it into $200. But I have also seen people lose $2000 chasing $20. It will be fun and you will see some very unusual costumes. If you leave 100 at home you will have to do w/o a few things if you lose...but if you win you can splurge!!

my vote is have fun and don't drive!

SeattleCraig said...

I like the way you think inge! Thanks for stopping by :) I just stopped at small footprints blog to catch up and was on my way to yours. So seeya there in a minute.

Have a Happy Halloween!

SeattleCraig said...

Ohh ya... Yo ugotta vote on my new fancy poll on the right of the blog :)

Small Footprints said...

Oh my goodness ... I can't stand the guilt!!! Take some money ... not all ... but take some money and HAVE FUN!!! :) You are too funny!

Hey ... thanks for the nice comments on my blog!!

Have a fun Halloween ... can't wait to see how things turned out. If you become rich ... remember those of us (the little blogger people)who stood behind you!! :)

Small Footprints

Douglas said...

I am not into gambling much though I do it from time to time. Mostly I feel bored when playing Blackjack or the slots. Poker is best played among friends, I think. Craps is fast and furious and too easy to lose a bundle in a hurry. Never bring more than you can afford to lose is the best advice anyone can give.