Sunday, October 5, 2008

Collection of Mistakes. Help give waisted words a home.

I will submit every word and or words I type and discard trying to perfect my beginning line. So basically the first sentence in this post is actually the 3rd try. The other two attempts will have the honor of being the first additions to my list of errors. Once the list is long enough I will take all the waisted words and attempt to turn them into a story. I wont begin till I've reached 200-300 errors on my list.

If anyone wants to join me and attempt your own stories and compare you are welcome to do so. We could possibly make a contest out of it.

  1. My beginning line in ever
  2. If you read
  3. A cold wind swept through
  4. Drenched in
  5. You wake up suddenly
  6. The snow had finally started to melt and it was almost to
  7. For the last
  8. Broken glass covered the pavement on Madison block


Anonymous said...

Don't erase all your mistakes, they are sometimes the best you have written; You have the beginnings of a cool blog.Keep going.


Douglas said...

I know this is late but my all time favorite opening line in a novel is...
"Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Four bullets ripped through my groin and I was off on the greatest adventure of my life." That was the opening line of one of Max Schulman's novels, If memory serves me right, the novel was "Sleep Till Noon". Nothing can beat that line.