Monday, October 6, 2008

Days worth of writing accidently deleted.

So I have only this rant to post now.

I just recently started to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a novelist. I haven't done any writing or furthered my academic knowledge in anyway for the last 7 years. Just working construction, remodeling and advancing on a career path I don't particularly enjoy. With bills to pay the money has to come in somehow and like everyone else I do what needs to be done to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly.

I got stuck in dead end jobs that are so draining and hard on the body I spent my spare time resting and relaxing. Every job Ive worked I hired on telling myself it would only be temporary. Not once did I ever make an effort to change my position. I'd simply tell myself i would get around to it. Only two reasons I ever changed jobs are, I was fired or laid off. I have always had some magical notion in my head I would stumble into a high paying job I enjoyed, or win the lottery. Did I say magical? I meant bullshit notion :) . Especially since I never looked for any job and I've never bought a lotto ticket in my life. Seems I'm dumb enough to have a fantasy of winning the lotto but smart enough not to waist money on playing it lol. I just numbed my mind to the reality of my situation and procrastinated till this very day. Anyone who has ever been trapped in a dead end job I'm sure can relate.

During all that insanity you can only imagine my writing skills have done nothing but diminish. I've decided to go after a career in writing and will be working on my first fiction novel. Before I even think about seriously writing the novel though I have to re-educate myself and learn how to do it right. Just going to continue to write everyday. Articles, rants, short stories, all of it.

I didn't mean to go into the big sob story at all. I wrote 2 short stories and 1 pretty entertaining rant about my day today. I was going to post them but I rebooted my computer and lost all the work I had done today. I wrote everything on word pads and forgot I hadn't closed out of the documents yet so nothing was saved. My rant originally started cause of how angry I was about losing all that work. I researched several different weapons, armors and combat terms so I could describe my characters and combat perfectly Typing this actually calmed me down.. In fact I'm not the slightest bit angry anymore.

I'm not sure I want to even post now lol, I better go back and read it :)..

What the hell. Gonna go re-write my lost work or start fresh if need be. Come back in later today or tomorrow and give them a read. They will be done and here.

"As a child I was ignorant. As a man I am just as ignorant only now I'm cursed with the knowedge of it." CRS, SeattleCraig

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