Monday, October 6, 2008

Joe and Larry

" You see Larry? Do you see ? I knew we were being followed! The man in the white suit just walked in and went in the restroom. I first noticed him when we sat down for lunch, then he showed up in the park, and now here at the library.

Say it don't spray it, thats gross man..... I think you're losing it Joe. Wow... Are you seriously shaking? You are to much man. Think we need to get you some help.

Dammit Larry listen to me, this is serious. For once wou.......... Tha tha right there! You see how he looked at us when he came out of the restroom? Stop shaking your head at me and listen for once. I'm telling you that man is here for us.

I'm sorry Joe you're being ridiculous. Think about it logically for a moment you crazy bastard. Why in the hell would anyone be after us. We have nothing, we have never hurt anyone and hell we haven't even spoken at length with a single person in a month.

You know exactly why someone would be after us. Or did you forget about the Key? Larry... Larry where the hell are you going? Slow down at least. I think we are in serious danger Larry.

I'm going to get some food, I'd slow down but I want to get there before someone poisons it all. What man? Don't look at me like that.... Look Joe you are really starting to piss me off... You need to quit giving me that nasty look before I beat you down in the street.... Ohh what? You're gonna cry now...... Look I'm sorry about what I said I just got a little aggravated is all. Here, come inside and I'll buy you dinner. Why don't you go clean up and I'll order for us. Every thing is gonna be alright man, trust me.

What can I get for you today Sir?

ummmmmmm.... hmmmm I'll have 2 orders of chili cheese fries, 2 double cheese burgers, 2 large drinks and..... I guess that should do it.

Your total comes to 9.74$ sir and out of 20$.... 5,6,7,8,9, 10.26$ is your change Sir and your order will be right up.....

You feeling better now Joe? Some food will do you good I bet.

Ya I think I'm ok now. Just so confused.

Its cool man... Oh wait, good timing, theres our food, be right back............. There you go, couple cheese burgers will help get your head cleared.

mmmmmm.. Thats so good.. I'm real sorry Larry, man I feel so stupid now. I don't know what came over me. You know me, I never freak out like that. It was weird......... The moment I felt scared and began to worry my mind began making up its own reality. Then scared turned to terror and... I nearly lost my mind completely huh Larry. If you hadn't snapped me out of it I'd probably gone insane permanently.

Joe let me ask you something.

Sure man, shoot.

You mentioned a Key earlier. Any idea what it is for?

I have no idea. It just came with the mail yesterday morning remember? Anyways its stupid... You're just teasing me now aren't ya?

No Joe..... Don't look now but......... the man in the white suit is watching us from across the street... Stop smiling, I'm not joking with you. He is standing just inside the alley directly out the window behind you....... Joe.. Joe stop! Look at me Joe. I need you to remain calm right now. I know you're terrified again but this time I'm with you. We cant let him know we see him. Dammit Joe look at me! I wont let anything happen to you, I promise! Right now you need to act normal and keep eating your food. He cant know we are on to him. It might force his play......Joe.........

He has a gun."

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