Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lacking in Manners and Common Sense.

Maybe its just the people I associate with or the places I choose to spend my time, but most people I interact with are severely lacking in basic manners. I don't expect people to be overly nice and polite to strangers and I don't expect people to go out of there way to do favors or random acts of kindness. What I do expect is common courtesy and respect of peoples property and privacy.

Lately guest that I have let into my home have managed to do everything possible to make themselves not welcome. I hate telling people "don't do that, don't touch that, stay out of there. " I should never have to unless my guest happened to be little children and I was babysitting. If you want to make me really angry, start making me repeat myself after I already asked you politely not to do something.

One guy I had over recently seemed pretty cool. He was nice and acted like a normal person till the next time he came over. Now that hes a little more comfortable in my home he starts helping himself to whatever he wants. I went into another room to make a phone call so he could continue to watch the Tv without hearing me yap. The polite thing to do. Now he had already ate the last of the ice-cream and all the chips without asking. I wasn't all that bothered at this point and let it go. Now however I come out of the room after my call and hes sitting at my computer going through my myspace checking my mail and accepting friend request. What the hell is that? He had no business being on my computer let alone looking at personal content. I was Furious.

The most common thing people do is go outside on their cell phones and scream profanity while arguing with boyfriends or girlfriends or whomever. I live in an apartment and these people either don't care or realize I could be evicted or get in a lot of trouble for their actions. Not only that my unit is right by the playground where many little kids are playing all the time. Its completely disrespectful and now I have to go out and drag these people inside and ask them what the hell they are thinking. They always tell me how sorry they are, they never meant to disrespect my home and it will never happen again. Any normal, decent person with common sense would never have done it in the first place. Its disrespectful to me and it makes me look disrespectful to my neighbors. People need to leave their dirty laundry at home.

Then you have the people who throw garbage everywhere but the trash. Countless times someone has tossed a food wrapper or cigarette off my balcony in front of me nonetheless. I always give them a "what the hell are you thinking" look and send them down the stairs to pick up their trash. Whats wrong with these freaking people?

Spills and messes inside are left till I say something.. I have to ask people to clean up their own mess...

I had one guy get into my fridge and start eating my lunch I had made for work the next day. He was really confused as to why I was upset and said "ill buy you more.." and started arguing with me. Needless to say that guy got the boot right then.

Now these occurrences are all different people. I only warn people once before they are no longer welcome anywhere around me or in my home. The single warning may be more then most people deserve cause theres no excuse for any of it. I have to assume to many kids are being raised wrong. Theres to many people around these days that act as if the world revolves around their own useless lives. Anyone disrespectful of peoples homes and property probably has never worked for anything they have in life. Either spoiled by their parents or bullied their parents into bending to their will for years.

I was never really taught how to act or given a step by step guide of do's and dont's. Common sense dictates my actions. When at someones home I've always been very respectful and I'm welcome wherever I go. Hell even more so these days cause I have all this inside knowledge of what really pisses me off about guest in my own place.

What really gets to me is most the people I have problems with have no idea they were doing anything wrong. They look at me confused until I explain step by step why pooping over the rail is bad. It could be that I'm ignorant or biased and hold people to an unfair standard. Maybe I get so angry cause i believe everyone should act like me. Just maybe a little poop over the rail is exactly what this world needs. I hope thats not the case, I really do.

Midnight Eternal


Small Footprints said...

Doesn't it feel, sometimes, like you're the only sane person in a "weirder than skaditch" world? (Now there's an old Seattle term) There are times when the only good thing about a guest is that they don't live with you.

Hope your next "guest" experience is better than these!

Small Footprints

SeattleCraig said...

Ya it sure does :)

If my next guest is bad I'm gonna show up at their home the next day and do the same crap to them. Then I'll watch them go crazy and wonder how anyone could be so rude lol.

The Logisitician said...

Thanks again Seattle Craig for posting comments on my blog. I sent someone this link previously about Pablo Neruda, and thought that you might find it to be of interest also.

Small Footprints said...

Hey Seattle Craig ... what's happening in the Pacific NW? You were off to such a fine start on this blog ... I'm anxious to read more!

Small Footprints

My Little Stories said...

Nice blog.. so very true. Keep on writing. You're doing it so well.